Soil Moisture Monitoring for Irrigation


 Watermark Soil Moisture Block        

Inexpensive monitoring of soil water moisture for scheduling of irrigation using Watermark Soil Moisture Resistance Sensors with various dataloggers.


Calibration for the Watermark 200SS Soil Water Potential Sensor (HTML Version). (pdf version)


Usage of Onset HOBO Dataloggers with Watermark soil moisture sensors (HTML Version). (pdf version)


Summary of M.K. Hansen AM400 and Onset HOBO Datalogger and Watermark Sensor Demonstration and Testing (HTML version). (pdf version)

Residential Water Savings using a Soil Moisture Controlled Irrigation Monitor: Project Completion Report to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation by Utah State University, 1997. This report describes the testing and demonstration of the WaterWatcher residential lawn control system at 37 locations in Providence and Salt Lake City, Utah. A 4mb powerpoint presentation that describes the use of a single soil moisture sensor to control a residential landscape system is available here.