Kimberly Research and Extension Center
Electronic Mail/Messaging Policies

The following policies are enforced by the center's mail transport agent (MTA). These policies may result in messages being (1) rejected, (2) discarded, (3) quarantined, or (4) delayed.

Messages over 10 megabytes in size are not allowed. Please consider a different method of transferring the content. Some of the methods are: FTP, HTTP or via media shipped by regular mail.

Messages containing malware are quietly discarded without notification to either the sender or the recipient. First, these messages are often forged and rejection notifications are undeliverable. Secondly, we don't want messages with malware being delivered to any user because the user may inadvertently open the malware portion. If you are sending a message with an attachment that might be confused with a known malware signature, we suggest that you place the file on a FTP or HTTP server and email the URL to our local user. If you have sent an email to a center employee and it is evident they did not receive it and you did not receive a failure notification, this is probably the reason.

Messages with attachments having the below listed extensions are blacklisted and will be rejected. The sender will receive notification and the recipient will not receive notification of the rejection. If you legitimately need to transfer an attachment with such an extension, you have three options:

  1. Place the file(s) on a FTP or HTTP server and email the URL.
  2. Rename the file(s) prior to attaching it to your message; or
  3. Package the file(s) into an archive (zip, tar, gz) and attach the archived file to your message.

    bat -- DOS batch files
    btm -- 4DOS Batch To Memory Batch File
    cmd -- Command File for Windows
    com -- DOS executable
    cpl -- Windows Control Panel Extension
    dll -- Dynamic Link Library
    exe -- DOS/Windows Executable
    lnk -- Windows Shortcut File
    msi -- Windows Installer File
    pif -- Windows Program Information File
    prf -- Windows System File
    reg -- Registry Data File (Microsoft)
    scr -- Windows Screen Saver
    url -- Internet Location
    vbs -- VBScript Script File

    Inbound messages will be subject to greylisting procedures to reduce the amount of unsolicited commercial email (SPAM) being delivered to employees at the center. Messages may be refused with a temporary failure for one hour. Please visit for more information.

    Some users at the center utilize automatic content filtering to identify junk or suspicious mail. Of those users, some will review messages identified through the filtering process for valid messages; while others simply discard any message identified as having potentially junk/spam/suspicious content without review.

    If you have problems sending messages that the above points did not resolve, please contact:
    postmaster (at) kimberly dot uidaho dot edu